Welcome to The Bread Blog
: Practices for Life, an occasional blog authored by Bread of Life related folks.

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With a mission for cultivating practices that transform lives, organizations and communities, we find great power for good in taking up simple practices that work like yeast in dough: quietly but powerfully.

intent of The Bread Blog is to encourage one another on the journey with bits of wisdom from our own experiences of waking up to this holy, human journey with others.

A core assumption is that while aspects of the journey into fullness of life may be very solitary, even that solitude occurs in relationship to the larger community of practice. We need one another for fullness of Life, and we'd love to have you as a companion on the Way.

To begin, hold your cursor over "The Bread Blog" in the menu bar to the left and you'll see different blog titles. Click on any that interest you - and join in the dialogue.  Who know what is waiting to be harvested among us for nourishment on the journey?