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our Board of Directors
Watch an interview with Erin Maurie who just finished her term as a                              member of the Board of Directors.

Bread of Life board members bring diverse skills and experiences. If you need to share a concern or compliment about a board member, please send an email to office@breadoflife.org and put “Attention Board Member” in the subject line.


Shari Roeseler
Board President
Shari Roeseler is a respected leader in the nonprofit sector, currently serving as the Executive Director/ CEO of Society for the Blind, which provides education and services to people who are low-vision and blind in a 26-county region. Prior to joining Society for the Blind she served as Executive Director for St. Anthony Foundation, one of the largest non-profit social service agencies in San Francisco. She also served for nine years as the Vice President of Resource Development for the West Region of Mercy Housing.

Shari has been committed to community service throughout her career. In 2006 she was selected to participate in a two-week international program at the United Nations in New York focusing on women’s economic development and HIV/AIDS education and services in developing countries. She has a B.A. in Social Work, Sociology, and Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Masters in Ethics/Bio-Ethics from Santa Clara University- Jesuit School of Theology.

She comes to Bread of Life with a particular interest in faith-based organizations and in building collaborations and partnerships in the community.

Read an interview with Shari here.
Ken Murphy,
Ken Murphy recently retired with his wife Kitty to Santa Barbara from an active practice with Arendt Fox law firm in Los Angeles where he was a member of the Automotive Practice Industry Group. A former chairperson of United Way of Los Angeles and United Way of California, Ken continues to be active in community activities. He is also a Trustee of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. Looking for something more than the adversarial approach to public discourse, Ken has become an active member of the Bread of Life Dynamic Dialogue community of practice and is looking to begin a new Dialogue Community of Practice in the Santa Barbara area. 

Mary Richardson

Mary Richardson serves as Minister-in-Covenant at Pioneer Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. Mary is commissioned in Congregational Transformation and Covenant Renewal, and works with congregations and judicatories across denominational lines. She has worked with nonprofits in Board Effectiveness work since the 90s, and has successfully coached executives in the private sector. As Director of Education for SOLA International, Mary traveled globally to implement a company-wide executive leadership development program. In addition, she designed and managed a 2-year internship program for high-potential master's level candidates. Mary is a certified Mentor in the Dynamic Dialogue program at Bread of Life.


David Bartley
David Bartley, like most people, has seen his fair share of successes and setbacks: from directing a nationally recognized nonprofit to battling a life-threatening mental illness.

But in the last six years, David has successfully navigated from the isolation of mental “hellness” to the inclusive space of mental “wellness.”

Along the way, David has learned how to manage his condition and continues to do so with a host of supportive measures and by leveraging the power of connection, perspective, and understanding.

Currently, David serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Placer County Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board (MHADAB). He also proudly serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the local chapter of the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA).

In addition to being featured as an independent presenter, David also speaks on behalf of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the Sacramento and Placer Counties Speakers Bureaus.

David is invited to speak before a wide range of audiences across the country, giving keynote speeches and leading workshops on the topics of mental health, workplace culture and inclusive leadership.

Since 2013, David has given more than 170 presentations to students at the elementary, middle, high school and college grade levels; executives, managers, and employees at small and large companies; government agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Health Care Services; various law enforcement agencies; community organizations; and congregations of diverse faiths.

David’s goal for each speech and workshop is the same: to shed light on the issue of mental illness, spread the message that hope, help, and healing are available to all, and to eliminate the stigma attached to mental illness, thereby opening doors to the possibility of mental health for all.

David comes to Bread of Life with an interest in supporting the organization’s evolution while maintaining the integrity of its mission.

Mark Simon
Mark Simon is an educator, consultant, writer and storyteller with more than 20 years of experience in social service, government, education, and faith-based organizations. Before establishing Storywalkers Consulting Group, Mark was the founding director of Rural Action of Knights Landing, where he led a grassroots effort to raise funds and establish the Knights Landing Family Resource Center – providing health and social services, after school programming and leadership development for this rural town of 2,000 residents.

Since establishing Storywalkers, Mark has helped small grassroots non-profits as well as large public agencies raise money, clarify vision and articulate key pieces of their story. He is adept with board and staff teams as well as with large-scale community-needs assessments. Mark's success is based on a deep commitment to listening and reflection. Whether facilitating a collaborative planning process, leading a workshop or drafting a proposal, Mark is attuned to the priorities and values of all involved.

Mark lives in Davis, California with his wife, Shani, and their three boys – Aaron, Sam and Arieh – and their dogs, Asher and Zoe. When not telling stories or working with non-profit organizations, Mark loves the solitude of the outdoors and the energy of live music.

Margo Fowkes
Before Margo Fowkes founded her own consulting firm in 1994, Margo held positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. A former budget analyst for the United States Budget Committee, she has worked for all levels of government—federal, state and local. She has also worked with a range of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships.

Margos clients come from all three sectors—private, public and nonprofit. They include NEC Electronics, the Girl Scouts, Intermountain Healthcare and the California Department of Aging.

Active in community service, Margo has served on several nonprofit boards as well as founded and run her own nonprofit. During her tenure as an instructor at the Nonprofit Resource Center in Sacramento, Margo also provided training through the BOARDLINKTM program.

Inspired by her son Jimmy who passed away in 2014 after an eight year fight against brain cancer, Margo recently launched Salt Water, a website that provides a safe harbor for those who have lost someone they didn’t think they could live without—a child, a parent, a spouse, a sibling or a close friend. Inspired by Jimmy’s determination to live a rich, full life despite his circumstances, the articles and podcasts focus on healing and building a new life after the death of a loved one.

A graduate of Stanford University, Margo received a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Part of Margos unique approach can be credited to her most perceptive criticher father who, until his death at the age of 102½, provided thoughtful counsel on her marketing material and ran the best clipping service around.


Andy Rosten
 Andy Rosten has had a long-standing relationship with Bread of Life since his wife, Mary Dignan Rosten, helped found the Spirit in the Arts program. Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Breeding from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After overseeing cloning of plants at wholesale nurseries in Hollywood Florida and Wasco California and at Del Monte Agricultural Research in San Leandro, California, he became disenchanted with corporate culture and pursued his entrepreneurial spirit by earning a general contractor’s license and founding
Rosten Remodeling, Inc. in 1991. With no prior construction experience, he has become well-versed in all construction trades while doing home repairs for mortgagors, investors and real estate agents in Northern and Central California.  Employing many disadvantaged residents has opened his eyes to how low-income individuals handle life challenges. 

With his work experience as a contractor, employer, real estate investor and a penchant for finding cost savings, he sought to share those skills with non-profit organizations. Aside from his relationship with Bread of Life, Andy has served a number of other organizations. He assists his wife, Mary, a blind mosaics artist, to teach others her art skills including a 2013 trip to Bangalore, India to start a program at the Mathru School for the Blind and Differently Abled. He has also been a member of Big Brother/Big Sister of Sacramento, a merit-badge counselor for Boy Scouts of America and does volunteer work for the City of Sacramento Animal Shelter.


Joan Stockbridge
Joan Stockbridge is a spiritual director, storyteller, author and retreat and workshop facilitator. Recognized as a leader in the use of narrative for healing, Joan has frequently presented workshops at conferences across the country. She serves as a spiritual director on staff of the Mercy Retreat Center in Auburn. Joan has a BA from McGill University and a Masters from UC Davis. She has served on nonprofit boards for many years including the board of the Live Oak Waldorf School and the Arts Council of Placer County (currently known as PlacerArts). Joan deeply values the work of Bread of Life, having done her spiritual direction training with the organization and also attending many events, trainings and workshops. 
For more information, visit her website.

Tamar Foster

Tamar Foster is a native of Sacramento, a Senior Project Manager at Little Hoover Commission and the Co-Founder of the Mindfulness G.Y.M (Gathering.Yoga.Meditation.) She received Best Business Plan and Best in Showcase awards from the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy in May 2018.
Tamar has a Masters in Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Sacramento and a BA in History and Political Science from UC Davis. was the Program Director for Physicians for Social Responsibility. In 2012 Tamar was a founding board member of the Hornets Policy and Politics Alumni Chapter at CSUS. 
Tamar is a committed advocate for wellness programs and has a special interest in local nonprofits.

Kamal Lemseffer

Kamal Lemseffer
is originally from Morocco but considers himself practically a Davis native as he has resided in this city over 25 years. He currently works at UC Davis in the budget office. Kamal has a Masters in Computers and Robotics from France, a Masters in Software Engineering and MBA from Sacramento State University. He experienced Dynamic Dialogue with a leadership team from Salaam Mosque in Sacramento and his wife Anne Kjemtrup recently completed the two-year Dialogue practicum.

 Pia Spector
Executive Director

Sandra Lommasson
 Director of Spiritual Formation
Jean Holsten
Director of Dialogue
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Administrative Assistant
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Outreach Coordinator for Spiritual Formation

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