Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction helps a person or an organization wake up to notice how the living Spirit is already present, inviting and moving - and in which direction. In that way, it serves as a kind of GPS for the soul.
 “Helping people tell their sacred stories everyday.”
- Spiritual Directors International
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 What's important about 'HOLY LISTENING?"


Every human being and community has a sacred story. The challenge is waking up to it, and beginning to live consciously from it. Bread of Life spiritual directors and dialogue facilitators assist individuals, groups and communities in ‘listening to their life’ for this deeper dimension. This might be individual work or occur in groups.

Spiritual direction appointments are available at our Sacramento site as well as in home offices located in Pleasanton, Woodland and Davis. To get started, please contact our Intake Coordinator, Tom Morgan

The thread of the Holy appears in many guises like:
a moment of connection to what really matters…
  an experience of being gloriously alive…
    a sense of meaning and purpose…
a glimmer of hope that allows movement through a dark time…
  a longing for something more…
    a sense of awe or wonder…
a disturbing question that knocks on the door of awareness.
 Holy listening - also called spiritual direction or companionship - evokes awareness of
the ways God/Spirit/Christ/Holy Mystery moves in everyday life. An ongoing connection
with a spiritual director helps people notice and respond to the presence and invitation of
the Sacred in growing freedom and deepening relationship.
Click here for our Spiritual Direction brochure. For more information about spiritual direction see the Spiritual Directors International website at www.sdiworld.org.

Besides traditional spiritual direction for individuals and groups, we offer Dialogue as a means for communal bodies and organizations to access the deeper currents of their corporate life. We also offer leadership formation programs in the art of spiritual direction and dialogue facilitation.