Cosmology & Grace
Exploring the Universe as Spiritual Practice

Saturday, January 12, 2019, 9:30-3:30
at Bread of Life

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The experience of wonder, awe, and even terror before the vast mystery of the universe is in common to human beings everywhere. Some propose that science and faith -- which explore this phenomena in different ways -- are enemies to one another. Left unexplored, the resistance to what is being shown to us of the universe gives rise to fundamentalisms whether on the liberal or conservative sides. What if, instead of being enemies, science and faith reveal one another and deepen us into the experience of Grace?

We’ll be exploring the interface between these two vital ways of knowing that allows participants to bring their own operating ‘cosmology’ to awareness and then to dialogue with what science has been revealing to us and what the implications are.

In our time together we will:

  • Use a range of modes to help participants identify their personal cosmology
  • View a succession of slides revealing the scope of the universe and its size alongside structures of the human brain
  • Explore the relationship between the immensity of what we know of the Universe and the modern sense of dis-ease and anxiety that insists on a certain order.
  • Engage a “thought experiment” about what it might mean if the structures of the human brain/body are to consciousness what the large-scale structures of the Universe are to “God”.
  • Encourage movement from the ‘wonder deficit’ of the modern world to soul enlargement
  • Point to next steps to continue the exploration 
Cost: $45.  Please BYO lunch.

Facilitator: David G. Mullen
Dave is a retired Bishop and pastor in the ELCA and a theologian with a passion for science. As a high schooler with a curiosity about science he was kicked out of Sunday School for being disruptive with his questioning. Rather than quashing either his love of science or his deep call to serve God, he has made a life’s work of integrating the two.