Our Spiritual Direction Internship
Our next 2 year internship begins January 2018.
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Entry requires completion of Listen to Your Life
or a like program of preparation.
Take a look at the Internship Closing celebration for the 2015-2017 cycle.
Bread of Life has been preparing women and men for the ministry of spiritual direction since 1998. Many of these people are now practicing spiritual direction, leading retreats and facilitating groups. Others have used the experience and tools to enhance their work in ministry, teaching, health care, chaplaincy and other caring professions.

I have participated in many educational experiences including seminary for the parish pastoral role, clinical pastoral education, and pastoral counseling preparation. For me, the greatest depth of spiritual growth -- and the most personally transforming -- has been the Bread of Life spiritual direction training with its built-in mentoring and supervision.

It most fully invites me to depth personal reflection, attunement to my deepest and truest self, to the other with whom I am called to be present, and to the Holy Presence abiding with us all.

--Rev. Sandi John, class of 2013

This two-year intensive training program includes monthly Saturday gatherings and periodic weekend retreats that:

  •   focus on the spiritual formation of the candidate
  •    in a context of depth community
  •    while building core competencies in the ministry of spiritual direction 

While grounded in Christian faith and practice, this program cultivates the capacity to listen for the movements of Spirit in whatever tradition or life arena they arise.

Foundation Year - Listen to Your Life is offered annually and is the prerequisite year to the 2 year Internship in the Art of Spiritual direction.