Welcome to Bread of Life where our mission is cultivating attitudes, skills and practices that transform lives, organizations and communities.
We offer
tools and practices
for personal and communal discov-
ery, opportunities
for social and
creativity, and
reflective living.
We believe
that each person is
a unique gift for our world. Discovering
and releasing that
gift is a lifetime's
work that needs
support and encouragement.
We respect each person's inherent
worth and value.
We encourage
each to live generously in our world, making their own unique contribution to the common good. We envision a world filled with communities that nourish growth for individuals and organizations.
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Our offerings
Spirit in the Arts
free art studio
where anyone can
experience the joy
of artful expression
Classes and workshops
that lead you on a path of active self-discovery
Spiritual Direction
that opens the door to exploration and
spiritual growth
Dialogue Programs
for freeing the best thinking
and spirit in organizations 
and communities
Leadership Programs
that equip people to do Contemplative Dialogue work in their
own communities 

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Bread of Life is a Sacramento-based educational non-profit # 20-4538532.

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Bread of Life
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