Dynamic DialogueTM for Organizations

While individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning, no organizational learning can occur without it. We use the word “learning” not to mean acquiring more information, but expanding the ability to produce the results we truly and deeply want. Our programs assist the individuals in your organization to grow in awareness with attention to their quality of presence and engagement.

Imagine a group of individuals coming together for a common good. This can be on the job, in fraternal organizations, government entities, religious orders or any community.  Plans and goals are made, and then disagreements and arguments happen. We often move into blame and then shame (someone is right, therefore someone is wrong).


Is there a solution? YES!


Dynamic Dialogue™ can help you and your organization to:

  • Inquire with genuine openness & advocate without pushing.
  • Value different perspectives as adding strength (not as a weakness you might have).
  • Expand your thinking with new information, communication theories and practices.
  • Speak truth with compassion while leaving room for a wider truth.
  • Seek a creative common ground for a common good.

We consult with organizations in transition and mentor leaders desiring a shift in culture that allows “un-discussables” to be explored and a productive common ground to emerge.

Programs available to organizations, businesses and other communities can include:
  • A custom design to lead your team or business through transition and strategic planning
  • A custom design of our basic workshop series to develop organizational awareness and to help team members understand the binds that can limit the ability to share information and work well together
  • Provision of leader and team mentoring to assist with deepening understanding of the concepts in practice for raising awareness in your organization

I recently agreed to do an organizational health review project where I experienced firsthand how transformative Dynamic Dialogue can be in the workplace. Through the sharing of dialogue skill development I witnessed the emergence of a more aware and cohesive group. People set aside their fears and personality differences for the sake of developing as a learning team; one capable of drawing from collective experience and wisdom to drive transformative change. A vehicle had come into play for people to
“become the change” they wanted to see.

Deborah Baker
Creative Consciousness Rising