Conscious Living in the Last Third:
A New Vision of Aging

Eight Thursday Evenings, 6:30-8:30
April 4 - May 23, 2019
at Bread of Life

The years around age 50 present genuine choices for life as well as real challenges. A consciously chosen vision of aging for oneself gives meaning and allows us to engage these years “fully awake and truly alive.”

With careers built, families grown and lives rooted in particular ways, it’s time for a re-introduction to oneself and to exploring new ways to live as an individual, as a partner, and perhaps as a caregiver. The forward focus of these vital years can include a shift in self-care and health needs; retirement; support and parenting of adult children; decisions about evolving roles as caregiver to grandchildren, aging parents and to one’s partner as well as reconciling with the need for such care oneself.

The consciousness and choice we bring to entering these decision-points makes a genuine difference in life quality for ourselves and those around us. Through our time you will be invited to tap into your own inner guidance and wisdom – as well as the wisdom of the world’s many faith traditions - bringing hidden beliefs and assumptions into conscious awareness.

Together we will use a variety of mediums, exercises and activities, both as individuals and in the group. You will:      
  • Set Intentions to make positive, life affirming changes.      
  • Build daily mind-body-spirit practices to shift attention to activities that enhance your own life and the lives of those around you.
  • Create patterns that build toward new behaviors and new habits.
  • Grow in conscious awareness of your life potentials, integrating thoughts, feelings, sensations, identity and world views that are meaningful to you.
Practices throughout our time include self-care, forgiveness, life review, letting go, rest, silence, solitude, community, hospitality, and service.
COST: $200 includes Jane Vennard’s book, Fully Awake and Truly Alive

LITATOR: Cathy Cook Cathy is an ordained interfaith chaplain with a passion for living life fully, has been offering groups in congregations as well as to the general public across the Sacramento area for several years integrating the Ions Conscious Aging template with her own blend of resources and perspectives from across traditions.