Collaborations and Partnerships
Meaningful collaboration with like-hearted organizations is a mutual gift that supports life-enhancing work in a world of growing complexity. Please take a look at at these organizations:
See Sandra Lommasson's
'Heaven on Earth' video interview.

In 2007
when Bread of Life brought Martin Rutte to speak on his deep desire to draw people together in response to the desire for 'a world that works' we heard a resonant spirit. When he went further and spoke of how people worldwide, in every situation imaginable were able to respond to his invitation to "describe a time you experienced heaven on earth" we recognized the power of an archetypal pattern waiting to be activated. It speaks to the longing for 'something more' that finds expression in every religious tradition of the world and that invites our conscious participation.
We developed a 3-month exploration for faith communities wanting to explore and give expression to the theme Heaven on Earth. Because we believe in an economy of sharing, we offer as a download the Resource Packet we developed here for your use. We ask three things in return if you use it:
1.  Please acknowledge where it comes from.
2.  Please let us know what emerges as you engage it, including improvements you suggest.
3.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of this work.