Bread of Life is pleased to announce that The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts is taking up the work of our Spirit in the Arts program.
When Spirit in the Arts (SITA) was launched in 2004, we recognized how the creative arts are a natural expression of spiritual formation. Over the years, SITA served hundreds of people eager to discover their creativity and explore personal reflection in community with others.
In a recent time of evaluation and visioning for the next 10 years we came to believe that the Sacramento community would be better served if SITA was part of a singular arts organization. This would allow for more art-specific funding to ensure the sustainability of transformation-based creative arts. We're delighted that an organization with very similar values is willing to expand into this community and continue our efforts.
The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts, founded in Monterey, CA in 1989, obtained its non-profit status in 1990. This organization has always carried many of the principles on which SITA was based: respect and support for each individual’s unique gift; belief that creativity is inherent in each person’s make-up and is a driving force of life itself; and commitment to art as a healing process with deep and far-reaching implications for personal growth, community health and quality of life.
Carol Mathew-Rogers, SITA’s Director of Creative Arts, will be managing The Creative Edge efforts in Sacramento. Programs and activities will be offered at different locations throughout Sacramento and will be posted on their website. 
Please join us in supporting The Creative Edge as this worthy organization builds upon SITA’s legacy of unlocking individual creative potential for the benefit of all in our community. We encourage those interested in the arts to contact Carol to add your name to The Creative Edge mailing list. To learn more about The Creative Edge, visit their website at Contact Carol at or call her at (916) 341-9563.