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Bread of Life 2017 Affiliate Membership Pilot

                  Connecting with others who share a unique call;                  supporting access for those with limited resources.

    Brown Bag Membership Lunch
Wednesday, June, 21- noon to 1:30
Theme:  Progression and Regression: Strange Allies on the Journey. A continuation of the recent conversation with Don Bisson on Response to Times of Great Shadow.  Check your June Member email for prompts.

We're half-way through our pilot year. Want to try it out?  The donation for access to our member offerings and resources for the remainder of 2017 is now $75.

We emailed the Righteous Mind Reflective Reading packets in March.  Didn't receive yours? Contact   

Beginning in 2017 Bread of Life

offers a tax deductible Affiliate Membership specifically designed to support those who engage the world as spiritual directors, leaders of faith communities, chaplains, mentors or other forms of ‘tending another’s soul’ while broadening access to spiritual services.

As someone in the role of providing soul care for others you can become vulnerable to ignoring your own need for depth engagement with others of similar commitment for encouragement and renewal of your soul.

Does this feel familiar to you? y                           

  • You long for opportunities to go deeper with companions of like heart and be inspired.
  • You have begun to wonder whether you are really making a difference in what you do.
  • You love what you do, but it’s been too long since you’ve felt the freedom to simply sink into participation without regard for your role.
  • You have become irritable or impatient with clients, colleagues, or those under your care.
  • You have lost the spark that first called you to the work.

Self-care is not self-ish, rather self-care is a priority and necessity - not a luxury – in the type of work we do. It also is challenging to find and maintain such meaningful connections in the midst of our roles and many responsibilities.

The Gift of Membership     

Supports you as a 'soul-tender' and the work of Bread of Life by giving access to services.   

The membership is $150/year and is fully tax deductible. We will send you a receipt for your tax records. Sign up now for 2017 and receive an early enrollment opportunity through October for our Reflective Practice Book series in January-February on Reclaiming Conversation in a Digital Age.

Exclusive Affiliate Member Offerings

Affiliate Members will have exclusive access to relevant and evocative member gatherings designed to deepen and support you in your calling. Already in the line-up for 2017:

  • Dialogue as a Cross-over Practice for Life, Thursday, March 9, 2017 7-9 pm
  • Growing Edges, Thursday, July 13, 2017, 7-9 pm
  • Soul-care as Self-Care, Saturday, November 18, 2017 9am-noon

Early-Bird Registration

Affiliate Members will have early access to registration for Bread of Life offerings with limited enrollment such as workshops, seminars, and our new Reflective Practice reading groups, etc.

Networking Opportunities

onnect with colleagues and others from various backgrounds to support your ongoing development and work. A periodic Members-only newsletter will help build and maintain connections.

100% Tax Deductible

A way to support Bread of Life’s commitment to provide access to those with limited financial resources, so they, too, can engage others on a dedicated journey of depth in a way that builds a regional community of practice.   

Access to Supervision

According to Spiritual Director’s International (SDI), spiritual direction supervision supports the care and growth of spiritual directors in service of the seekers they accompany. Bread of Life offers fee-based individual or group supervision opportunities.

Bread of Life-Developed Resources

Affiliate Membership provides access to resources which can be adapted to other settings – i.e. spiritual direction agreements, the Money Autobiography, as well as access to our library.

Next Steps

You can enroll using the Paypal button above or by calling Jenny in the office (916) 648-1803 for assistance.  You can also send a check to 1260 Fulton Avenue, Suite A, Sacramento CA 95825. 

Be sure to include your: Name, address, phone, and email and also your soul-tending vocation.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Tom Morgan